Technology Innovation Can Develop Africa

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Mark Muhumuza,13 December 2010

Naivasha, Kenya. With the highest rates of mobile technology growth being recorded in Africa, experts attending the Open Innovation Africa Summit (OIAS) in Naivasha, Kenya recently said that there is still need for innovation in developing local content for Africa to have social economic development.

Delegates at the first OIAS included delegates from public policy specialists, researchers, entrepreneurs, ICT experts and financiers who are vital in creating various demand-driven innovations that would improve the standard of living on the African continent.

These delegates from the government, private sector and financiers are vital in creating the working environment for the development of ICT content that is relevant for the content.

The Vice President, Business Environment Nokia, Mr Erkki Ormala, said that innovation entrepreneurship in Africa can only exist if it emphasises monitoring, evaluation and learning. He noted that innovation can come through policy changes by the various governments especially in areas such as education.

« Governments need to create an environment to foster innovation, ensuring continuity and predictability at the public institution level for continued knowledge development, » Ormala adds.

The change in education policies to harness the development of innovations in technology was echoed among various delegates at the summit. Delegates noted that the rigid education systems and lack of a feedback loop between schools and innovation enterprises were shown to be as some of the major education challenges facing the continent.

The delegates also said that the purely exam based-assessments were ineffective and outdated, while the limited number of schools, learning facilities such as laboratories and libraries, and the low teacher-pupil ratios were further barriers to effectiveness in the sector.

On the African continent and more significantly in the East African region economic growth levels are in double digits unlike the developed countries. This GDP growth has also been visible in the rate of technology penetration and other investments.

The submarine fibre optic cables linking Africa to the rest of the world is also now in operation and with the likelihood of more bandwidth availability, there has already been reductions in the prices of the internet which information more accessible to many more people.

« This is the opportunity for young people to be innovative and creative in being technology entrepreneurs, » says Purnima Kochikar, the vice president of Forum Nokia and Developer Communities.




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